Atmospheric Water Generation Technology Making Water from Air

Carbon Negative. Water Positive

We make water from air with proven atmospheric water generating technology that runs off renewable sources and requires no ground or surface water.


The future of water is here.

How it works

Making water from air may sound too good to be true but our technology can manufacture water with condensation and can be explained in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Air Pulled from the atmosphere

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide extracted from the air are filtered to remove any suspended particles and pollutants as small as 10 microns. 10 microns is about 100th of a millimetre.

Step 2

Cooling Chamber

Clean, moisture laden air passes over the cold surface making water from humidity.

Step 3

Condensed & Filtered

Condensed water from air humidity is collected in the storage tank and re-filtered to remove smell & taste.

Step 4

Mineral Dosing

Collected water is filtered, re-mineralised and passed through a UV lamp to kill any bacteria.

Step 5

Pure Drinkable water from air

100% pure water from air is dispensed and ready to drink.

Destined for Greatness

Our machines produce millions of litres of water from air every single day.

100% Microbe Free

Advance levels of filtration and patented mineral dosing technology mean we can customise the purity of the generated water to suit the needs of the local population, be they plants, animals or people. If women on a maternity ward need magnesium, we can help, if children in a school or city need calcium, we can do that too. No matter the customisation or scale, our water far exceeds the standards set by the World Health Organisation and is 100% pure.

Zero Waste

We create water from air without wasting a drop. No byproducts, no need for surface water, no depletion of precious groundwater reserves and our passive collection technology even pulls in CO2 reducing the carbon footprint even further.


Beyond Water can provide the essential ingredient to life, at scale, to sustainably advance humanity. Our machines can produce anything from 40 to over One Million Litres of pure water per day.


Water can be made anywhere with humidity. No ridiculously high capital expenditure, no prohibitive operational costs or reliance on a water source.

Powered by Renewables

Our machines run on solar, wind and bio fuels for a complete sustainable solution to solving the world’s water crisis. As back up, we can still make water from air using the National Grid or Generator ahead of a long term renewable source being installed.

Incredibly Economical

Desalination costs dollars, collecting water from air costs cents. Our machines are the most economical on the market both in terms of performance and power requirements thus saving communities, economies and our planet from unnecessary expense.

Remote Optimisation

We’ve got you covered. All machines are IOT enabled for large scale deployments in order to remotely monitor temperature, humidity and optimise performance as we create water from air.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Designed for deserts. Our atmospheric water generation technology has been developed for harsh conditions. Components are durable, tested and come with a 12 month warranty and Minimum 10 year life expectancy.

Not only do we take water out of the air, we also take the hassle out of maintenance.


Our atmospheric water generation technology works from start up to scale and has been successfully deployed at every level in almost every industry.


Read on for highlights. Reach out to make the difference.


Devastating Impact


Agriculture is having a devastating impact on freshwater withdrawals with up to 80% of all water supplies being drained every year.


40% of aquifers are being depleted with little or no recharge and drought is rife.


Unlimited Water


Our atmospheric water generation technology ensures:


+ Predictable and sustainable farming
+ Zero ground or surface water being used
+ Farming in the remotest places


Water is remineralised to suit individual crop requirements and combined with Bio seeds, Bio pesticides and Bio fertilisers to maximise taste, use & yields.


Multiple Applications for Agriculture


Beyond Water is perfect for:


+ Livestock
+ Drip Irrigation
+ Hydroponics
+ Aquaponics
+ Greenhouses
+ Cold Storage
+ Food Dehydration


By extending product lifespan and reducing food wastage at source we can take a major step towards global food security.


Millions Of Animals Are Dying Of Thirst


Drought stricken countries and reserves from Australia, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe are seeing local animal populations perish due to a lack of water.


Saving Them Is Now An Option


At Beyond Water we provide safe, clean, dependable water sources for animal populations around the world. Our efforts in Kenya have resulted in the creation of new water holes for distressed wildlife. Reduced dependence on community resources has allowed groundwater recharge and our solar project is under construction to help scale and rollout across the country and continent.


Multiple Applications for Conservation


Beyond Water atmospheric water generation technology is perfect for:


+ Open plains

+ Game Reserves

+ Wildlife sanctuaries

+ Rehabilitation centres


Dirty Water Is Killings Us


Today, now, over 5,100 people will have died from dirty water and related diseases.

Children are paying the price

By the end of the year, that figure is expected to reach 3.5 million.


2.2 million of these people are children.


We Are The Change


At Beyond Water, we exist to make the world become nett producers of water. Powered by renewables our technology provides decentralised production of water from air in remote locations which can support ultra rural communities.


+ No more reliance on contaminated sources

+ No more draining of surface and groundwater reserves

+ No more reliance on questionable suppliers and water quality


The future is about plug & play technology, the ability to farm anywhere and recharge our groundwaters around the world.


Multiple Applications for Rural Locations


Beyond Water is perfect for:


+ Borehole sites

+ Rural wells

+ Outposts for Defence Forces

+ Medical / Humanitarian Aid Camps

+ Disaster Recovery

+ NGO’s



A Natural Disaster


According to the Barcelona Institute for Global Health the impact of bottled water on natural resources is 3,500 times higher than for tap water.

Triple Loss Effect

More than 17m barrels of oil are required to produce the plastic water bottles to meet America’s demand for bottled water.


86% of which becomes garbage which invariably ends up in our oceans.


Reengineering Water Bottling


In collaboration with the Indian government we have  developed the World’s first Air to Water bottling plant and re-worked the entire production process in an incredibly water scarce city.


+ Reliable source of water

+ Run on renewable solar energy

+ Outstanding levels of purity

+ Reduced plastic production

+ Reduced carbon footprint

+ Positive environmental impact


Multiple Applications for Water Intense Industries


+ Water Bottling Plants

+ Drinks Manufactures

+ Food Manufacturers

+ Cosmetic Manufacturers

+ Pharmaceuticals

+ Islands in need of water supply


Industrial Strains And Wastage


Manufacturing consumes and contaminates an increasing share of the world’s water supply.


Extreme heat creation and extreme evaporation loss are just part of the problem.


Recycling Again, Again, and Again…


Highly saturated water vapour around the exit of cooling towers can be ducted, recycled & re-used.


+ Reliable source of purified water

+ Cooled air re-used to slash energy consumption and costs

+ Exit air re-used for heating


Multiple Applications For Big Industry


+ Oil Refineries

+ Chemical Plants

+ Steel Plants

+ Power Plants

+ Gas Plants

+ Fashion & Textiles


Water Scarcity Is Real


Alarmingly, many residents in cities around the world to go without water and depend on third party suppliers with questionable quality.


We are changing that.


Reliable & Renewable Water Source


Beyond Water provide a completely decentralised solution for multi storey buildings and rooftops. Our atmospheric water generator technology uses an infinite and renewable air source.

Ability to custom mineral dose on a building to building basis.


5x Reduction in energy costs

Our cooled and filtered air is recycled providing a cheaper, viable alternative to air conditioning, reducing both energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Multiple Applications For Economies That Need Cooling


+ Architecture

+ Building Planning

+ Urban Planning

+ Large Scale developments

+ Smart Cities

+ Railways & Undergrounds

How do we compare?

The truth about desalination and the AWG tecnology alternative.





  • Incredibly high CAPEX cost for centralised technology with 60% wastage.
  • Ongoing OPEX with a cumulative cost of dollars per litre.
  • Removes minerals. Brine dumped back to sea severely damaging biodiversity.

CAPEX (‘000m)

OPEX (00’m)

Enviromental Impact (high)

beyond water



Earth Positive

  • Incredibly low CAPEX for a decentralised system that can produce pure water anywhere.
  • Negligible OPEX costs meaning we create water for cents.
  • Zero wastage. Carbon negative, Water Positive.

CAPEX (Nominal)

OPEX (Cents)

Enviromental Impact (+’ve)

Performance & Quality Testing

Performance at the highest levels, signed off by the brightest minds.

Approvals & Certifications

Approval from the toughest critics and international bodies.


Our machines produce water that is 100% pure and far exceeds the international standards set by the World Health Organisation.

Exceptional levels of filtration remove all external particles and dissolved organic pollutants, thereby making our water completely pure and fully potable.

Beyond Water not only maintain the water-soluble minerals which are essential for the human body but we also use specially designed cartridges to enhance the quality of water with essential minerals.

In select models the water can be further remineralized with our proprietary mineral salt mixture.

There are 14.1 quadrillion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time which equates to nearly Six Billion Olympic size swimming pools.

The whole of humanity can be watered and sanitised with less than 1% of the humidity available in the atmosphere.

(That’s nearly 600 Million Olympic swimming pools).

Absolutely – as our technology condenses the atmospheric vapour and generates only the purest form of water.

The machine has an air filter of 10 microns to remove suspended particles from the air.

The watercollected from the air is passed through an additional Sediment filter that removes any water soluble substances that might be present in the water, while the Activated Carbon filters eliminate any smells or taste present.

Finally we use an Ultraviolet light to kill off any bacteria present in the water for pure, safe and clean water that exceeds World Health Organisation standards.

Water generated from air does not come in contact with the ground which is often full of contaminants.

Moreover, our advance levels of filtration mean the output is 100% pure so the water far better quality than the bottled water available around the world.

Our Atmospheric Water Generator technology is extremely efficient using minimal amounts of energy to produce water.

Only 0.25 units of energy is consumed to produce 1 litre of water of the highest quality.

Our continued efforts to improve energy efficiency with our Institutional partners and ex NASA scientists mean both our efficiency and economics are unrivalled in the Atmospheric Water Generation market.

Absolutely not. The water generation process involves air being passed through air filters to remove any suspended particles from the air, activated carbon to remove any dust and condensing of vapour into pure clean and safe drinking water.

Water from the tap is often passed as drinkable in many countries but the quality varies significantly.

Numerous articles have been written warning about the amount of impurities that are contained in public drinking water supplies as well as the vulnerability of public water supplies to contamination or attack.

In developing countries the situation is often less than favourable. The only way to be absolutely certain that your drinking water is affordable, pure and safe is to produce it with an Atmospheric Water Generator.

Articles have been published revealing that some bottled water is really only reprocessed tap water.

Government studies in some countries have shown over 30% of the bottled water tested to be unsafe for humans.

At Beyond Water, we only produce the purest or pure, safe and clean drinking water with the added benefit of being able to customise the mineral dosage to suit the local population of plants, animals or people and 100% pure, every time.

Yes. Beyond Water provides the best quality water on earth having been filtered, purified and re-mineralised with our Institutional grade expertise and patent pending process.

Bottled water in many cases is filtered city water processed in a manufacturing plant.

Other bottled water is classed as “spring” water and there are never any guarantees that it is truly pure and contaminant free given the ground water source.

Our water is actually much better because even if the water in the bottle is good, the cooler in many cases is the problem.

If the cooler is not cleaned and regularly maintained, bacteria and algae build up in the reservoir and the water you drink may become contaminated.

And there are not too many people around who like to handle that 20 KG water bottle?

And lets not forget the carbon footprint in getting it there or the fossil fuels required to make the plastic it arrives in.

Our atmospheric water generation technology can produce water of equal or better quality more economically and with far less environmental impact.

In fact, with the right renewable power source our solutions are carbon negative and water positive to help the world become nett producers of our most precious resource.

Beyond Water can generate anything from 40 Litres to Millions of Litres of 100% pure water every single day.

+ Our water is free of biological/chemical contamination.

+ Plug and play technology offers an immediate solution as our machines begin to produce water within an a couple of hours of installation.

+ Our machines consume less power than anything else out there, reducing energy costs, using less resources and minimising the environmental impact

+ No existing source of water is required for producing clean water like a conventional Reverse Osmosis system and there is zero wastage while desalination plants lose up to 60% of water ad are severely destructive to the surrounding biodiversity while costing vast sums of money to install in a centralised rather than decentralised location

+ Very little maintenance and supervision required

+ No skilled personnel required for operation or maintenance

+ Raw material (air) is available free of cost.

+ We produce water, when there is no water.

The indicator for acidity or alkalinity is known as the pH value.

A pH value of 7 means a substance is neutral, water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic and with a pH greater than 7 water is considered alkaline.

The normal range for pH in surface water systems is 6.5 to 8.5. Beyond Water pH is 7.2

Alkalinity refers to the capability of water to neutralise acid, it is a measure of the alkaline materials that are in the water.

This is really an expression of buffering capacity.

A buffer is a solution to which an acid can be added without changing the concentration of available H+ ions without changing the pH.

The ideal value is a pH of around 7 which is as close to neutral as possible.

We are very proud to say that the water generated by our technology can be stored for as long as four months without having to worry about any bacterial growth as it is 100% pure.

Yes. Special cartridges are provided to provide traces of essential minerals.

For select models Remineralization of water can also be done through our patented technology of automated mineral dosing with proprietary mineral salt.

This is ideal for agriculture, animals, livestock and people and can be done at scale pending the requirements of the population.

Think extra magnesium for pregnant women on maternity wards, extra calcium for children in schools or the perfect natural mineral combination to improve the the health and wellbeing of plants animals and food we eat to improve food security and reduce our environmental impact.

Our machines generate pure and clean water, which is further enhanced with essential minerals.

Alkaline water, water for dialysis and distilled water for batteries can be produced by making a few changes in the filtration.

Even after four months the quality of the water will remain the same as it is 100% pure and far exceeds WHO standards.

Yes, the water generated from air can be transferred and stored in food-grade external tanks for later use.

The most amazing thing is it’s not harmful to the environment at all.

In actual fact, we have a massively positive  environmental impact given our solution is carbon negative and water positive.

Our technology extracts water from the air and there is six times more water in the atmosphere than in all of the worlds rivers combined.

Over 850 billion litres of water evaporates from the ocean in a single day which is enough to sustain all of humanity for 60 days. Moreover, this water is recycled 40 times per year as part of the hydrological cycle so we are harvesting a nominal amount from an everlasting source and allowing our aquifers and groundwater sources to recharge instead of deplete.

No harmful byproducts are produced whatsoever.

The R&D teams at Beyond Water and Maithri have decades of experience harnessing technology which positively affects the environment for the greater good of our planet and the generations to come.

When run on renewable sources our machines are Carbon Negative & Water Positive.

Global warming is creating havoc in our world and the latest UN climate report only serves to show we humans are to blame.

In areas where there are greater concentrations of evaporated water, our machines become more efficient given the more humid environment and all the more capable in balancing the ecosystem.

The atmosphere holds a significant amount of moisture which available for harvesting without ever running out.

Our Atmospheric Water Generation technology uses refrigeration techniques to condense humidity from air.

Air is sucked into the system through an electrostatic filter.

Cooled coils provide a temperature differential between the air and the coil surface resulting in condensation.

Water is then passed through various filters to remove solids, odours and eliminate any bacterial content.

Pure remineralised drinking water is then dispensed directly from the machine or piped at scale.

Water will be dispensed within three to four hours from start-up depending on the humidity and temperature conditions.

Low humidity conditions are a challenge for any system that extracts moisture from the air.

Under such conditions the system will not produce water during the day in arid deserts or extremely hot and dry climates due to lower humidity levels.

However, the machines will still produce water at night due to a more optimal dew point.

From a conservation, performance and longevity perspective the machine will automatically switch off when the relative humidity level drops below 25%.

While the rated output of our machines is achieved at a temperature of 29°C and relative humidity of 80%, the machines perform in a temperature range of 15°C – 45°C and relative humidity levels of 25% and above.

In lower temperatures and lower humidity the machines will work perfectly but it will take a little longer for the pure, remineralised water to be produced.

All of our units operate with solar panels, solar/wind power, standard power from the National Grid or with oil powered generators as backup to a sustainable solution.

We can provide for a hot water facility if required (subject to the order quantity) and work with the project and installation teams to plan and integrate into the wider ecosystem.

Our technology requires nominal capital expenditure, minimal operational expenditure and is capable of generating water at relative humidity levels as low as 25%.

The mineral dosing capability offers significant customisation and water grades for local populations, be they plants, animals or people.

Very importantly, our power consumption is on average 77% lower when compared to other machines in the market resulting in greater economies of scale, less drain on energy resources and a more positive, long term environmental impact.

A little noise but nothing that could be classed as disturbing.

All of our machines variants have a noise level of 70 decibels or less, which is safe on human ears and requires no personal protective equipment.

All of our machines are equipped with a Humidity Sensor that ceases running when the relative humidity level drops below 25%.

The cut-off point can also be manually adjusted to suit the climatic conditions and optimum performance levels.

Yes there are.

To prevent overuse or damage the machine is set to turn off automatically for 10 minutes after every 90 minutes of usage.

Our machines have been deliberately designed with a “Plug & Play” approach so they can be operated by anyone.

Once connected to a power source and switched on, the AWG technology will do the rest.

Let the miracles begin.

Yes, the unit has an inbuilt display showing the current temperature and humidity levels.

Machines deployed at scale are also IOT enabled so both of these key metrics and other indices can be monitored remotely to optimise performance and issue early warning signals should they be tampered with or damaged in any way.

Atmospheric Water Generators are ideal for providing drinking water facilities in all kinds of agricultural, urban and remote locations given the decentralised and scalable capabilities of the machines:


+ Airports

+ Bus Stations

+ Commercial Towers

+ Game Reserves

+ Government offices

+ Hospitals and Health Care Centres

+ Hostels, Schools and Universities

+ Large Scale Agriculture

+ Large Scale Manufacturing plants

+ Livestock Holdings

+ Ocean-going vessels

+ Offshore Oil rigs and platforms

+ Parklands

+ Places of Worship

+ Power Stations

+ Railway Stations, Underground Stations

+ Residential Communities

+ Remote Defence Facilities

Yes – The rated output of our machines is achieved at temperature of 29°C and relative humidity of 80%.

Unlike many Atmospheric Water Generators, our technology can operate in a wide temperature range of between 15°C – 45°C and with relative humidity of 25%.

Naturally, the quantity of water depends on the relative humidity and temperature of the surroundings so if those indices are lower than optimal it will simply take a little longer to fill the storage tank full of pure, remineralised water.

No, it will not overflow.  All our units have a water level sensor which will cut-off the machine from running when the tank is full.

Hassle Free Maintenance is one of the key elements of our design.

The carbon and sediment filters need to be changed once every 4-6 months.

Air filters need to be cleaned and backwashed regularly.

We offer Annual Maintenance Contracts from Beyond Water or our Approved Service Providers who will take care of the above, remote monitor the machines and check / replace parts as needed to maintain optimal performance levels of each unit in the field.

Our products are warranted against all manufacturer defects and workmanship for One (1) year from the date of installation.

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available for ongoing maintenance needs through Beyond Water or our network of Authorised Service Providers.

If clients follow the guidance in the owner’s manual and proper maintenance procedures are employed by Beyond Water or our Authorised Service Providers then machines will operate for a minimum of 10 years.