We Make Water From Air

The future of water is here.

With our exclusive partner, Maithri Aquatech we have created the world’s first Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) with bespoke mineral dosing and successfully produced 100 Million litres of water and saved 200 Million more.

We have deployed over 300 projects across the globe.


100 Million Litres Produced

200 Million Litres Saved

Pure. Safe. Clean.

100% pure water that goes well beyond World Health Organisation standards.

Water Positive

Carbon Negative

Aligned with UN Sustainability goals

Clean Water


Clean Energy

Key benefits


Water can be made anywhere. No reliance on the local municipality. No need for huge CAPEX & pipelines.


Machines can be networked and scale to produced over 1 million litres of water per day.

IOT Ready

Ability to track key parameters and remote monitor performance.

Runs off Renewable

Works with Solar, Wind and Bio Fuels for a completely sustainable solution.

100% Pure

Suspended particles removed. Water soluble particles filtered. Ultraviolet Light kills any bacteria for pure, remineralised water.


Operates independent of groundwater and surface water resources while generating ZERO wastage or by-products and reducing carbon footprint.


Fraction of the cost of desalination and reverse osmosis technologies while offering commercial value beyond any other large scale AWG producers.

Easy Maintenance

Durable technology. 12 month Warranty / Min 10 year life expectancy. Air Filter cleaned monthly. Water filter changed every six months.


Supporting micro and macro economies by nurturing entrepreneurship to create jobs and a better standard of living for humanity.

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Food security, Biosecurity, Stability. We have an infinite supply of our most precious resource to help the planet flourish.

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Hydrating cities, recharging ground waters and encouraging the nett production of water.

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How it works?


Air filter

Air drawn in through the air filter, removing any suspended particles.


Cooling Chamber

Clean, moisture laden air passes over the cold surface.


Condensed & Filtered

Condensed water collected in the storage tank and re filtered to remove smell & taste.


Mineral Dosing

Collected water is filtered, re-mineralised and passed through a UV lamp to kill any bacteria and ready for consumption.

We exist to make the difference


Saving animals in the elephant corridor

Enabling “The Kenyan Waterman” to refill dried up water holes across the African Savannah.


High quality water for cancer patients & doctors

100% pure, mineral enriched water to 30,000 children, doctors and researchers.


Serving 2 Million commuters pure water

First railway in the world with AWG technology. High quality mineral enriched water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.


Making the world’s largest retailer self-sustainable

Clean water for Amazon’s largest campus in the world. Helping to deliver a 2040 net zero carbon commitment in line with UN Goals.


Proven. Reliable. Cost-Effective
Beyond Water are fast becoming one of the world’s leading air to water machine manufacturers.

We provide manufacture, installation and consultancy services for governments, NGOs and businesses looking to secure reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly water generation solutions.

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